Old Facebook hoax is back: Your account probably wasn’t hacked

Don’t send messages to your entire contact list

Old Facebook hoax is back: Your account probably wasn’t hacked
The hoax asks you to forward a message to all your Facebook contacts. Don’t do it. (Source: Facebook)

(Gray News) – There’s nothing like a good ol’ recycled Facebook hoax.

If it fooled folks once, why not a second, third or fourth time?

Maybe you’ve gotten one in recent weeks.

The sender claims to have received a suspicious friend request from you recently, then it suggests a remedy: send the message they just sent you to all of your friends.

“Hi....I actually got another friend request from you which I ignored so you may want to check your account. Hold your finger on the message until the forward button appears...then hit forward and all the people you want to forward too....PLEASE DO NOT ACCEPT A NEW friendship FROM ME AT THIS TIME.”

It’s what’s known as a copy/paste hoax.

The folks at the fact-checking website Snopes looked into it and said the message plays on the fear of Facebook “pirates” cloning accounts.

“While a warning of this nature could be legitimate, the fact that this exact same message has been spread to untold thousands of Facebook users indicates that it is, at worst, a scam or hoax, and at best a once well-intentioned warning rendered useless by being uncritically reposted all over Facebook,” Snopes said.

If you’re afraid your account might have been cloned, send private messages to a few friends to see if any of them have received new friend requests from you.

You can also check for other Facebook accounts sharing your name and information.

If you do, you can report for the profile to Facebook to have the unauthorized account deactivated.

There’s no need to pester all your friends.

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