Knife-wielding man makes off with less than $1 after robbing toll booth

Knife-wielding man makes off with less than $1 after robbing toll booth

HOOKSETT, NH (WBZ/CNN) - New Hampshire police are looking for a man who held up a toll collector at knife point for a bag of change.

The man is suspected of having gotten away with just enough change to buy a soda from a vending machine.

The attack occurred early Monday morning.

Police said the lone silver sedan that pulled up, planned to take and keep the change from an unsuspecting toll attendant.

"Initially, he thought it was any other car coming through who was perhaps fumbling for their change and looking for their money," said Trooper Matthew Field of the New Hampshire State Police.

Surveillance video shows a masked man emerge from the car. Field explained what happened next.

"At that point, he asked the toll attendant to place the money in the bag and presented what appeared to be a pocket knife to the toll attendant,” Field said.

The incident lasted only a minute and the take away was tiny.

"It appears to be a quite small amount,” Field said. “It may have even been under a dollar."

The toll attendant wasn't hurt.

He even tossed his empty cash box at the crook.

"We responded to the scene quickly,” Field said. “We were unable to locate the vehicle as it fled from the scene."

Now, state police want the public to help track down the car and the suspect who was around 6 feet tall, wearing a blue ski mask, black coat and jeans.

The suspect is also described as a white man with blue eyes.

If he's caught, he'll face armed robbery charges despite his paltry haul.

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