Baby, whose father staged kidnapping, found dead by TX police

Baby, whose father staged kidnapping, found dead by TX police
San Antonio Police Chief Bill McManus said authorities are still investigating the exact circumstances of King Jay Davila's death. (Source: KSAT/CNN)

SAN ANTONIO (KSAT/CNN) - Police in San Antonio have found the body of a missing eight-month-old whose father had staged a kidnapping a week ago.

KSAT reported that authorities said the baby’s father, Christopher Davila, claimed his son King Jay’s death was an accident, and that he panicked and never called emergency services after he fell off a bed and hit his head.

Davila told investigators after the fall, swelling formed over the baby’s eye and he was afraid to call 911. When he checked back on the child after a few hours, he was dead.

Davila took police to an empty lot where he buried his son.

"We found what we believe to be the remains of King James [sic] Davila,” said San Antonio Police Chief Bill McManus, who misspoke when saying the baby’s name, at a Friday news conference. “We recovered his body last night. His father, Christopher Davila, led us to him after we arrested him for tampering with evidence. Christopher has said that King Jay's death was an accident and he panicked and did not call 911."

After the child’s death, Davila staged a kidnapping of the child with his cousin, Angie Torres, and mother, Beatrice Sampayo. The two women also disposed of the car seat the night of King Jay’s death, and were also arrested and charged with felony tampering with evidence.

Davila has been charged with felony causing serious bodily injury to a child, along with a number of other crimes. He could still be charged with capital murder.

He told investigators that his son had been sitting in a car seat on a bed, and when he sat down on the bed it caused the car seat to fall off.

The child fell to the floor face first and may also have hit his head on a dresser, according to authorities.

“I think when the story started to unravel is when he started to break down,” McManus said. “It seemed like a strong story to him, but it got weaker and weaker as time went on.”

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