HEARTBREAKING VIDEO: Dog runs after SUV that dumps him at MS animal shelter

This is the third dog dumped at the shelter in 24 hours.

Dog chases SUV that dumps him at local animal shelter

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Animal Rescue Fund posted heartbreaking surveillance video of a dog being dumped at their shelter and the SUV just driving away Thursday. In the video, the dog chases the SUV out of the gate and down the road.

The shelter is now looking for this discarded and confused dog but has not yet found him/her. They set up traps in the area hoping to catch this pup.

The night before the dog was seen getting pushed out of the SUV, another car was caught on surveillance parked at the closed gate, and leaving two dogs stuffed into a small kennel at the front gate.

The shelter is asking for help locating the third dog who chased his owners after they dumped him.

They are also looking for fosters to take some of the puppies they get every day.

Kennels are much needed by the Animal Rescue Fund. They can be bought at local pet stores or tractor supply stores and brought to the shelter.

ARF is a no-kill shelter that sits on Mayes Street in Jackson. They house several hundred dogs in their facility. If you’re interested in adopting or fostering, fill out an application!

3 dogs in one day were dumped at our shelter! We are frantically looking one that escaped with its owners literally following them right after they opened the door and let it loose. The other two are safe and secure and at the vet. The two that were left together we believe were there overnight but will check videos after we find the lost victim of neglect that is on the run. For us to take in any single animal we are out space ... specifically kennels and could use your help! Tractor supply in canton gives us a great discount around $300 each. We aren’t asking for $300 from one person but if you have a team of people or group of friends that want to come together and fundraise for a kennel we can for sure use them! Photo of dogs dumped at gate in comments. To donate you can click here or by PayPal: arfms@comcast.net

Posted by Animal Rescue Fund of MS (ARF) on Thursday, January 10, 2019

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