How’d you like to make six figures to live on an island and operate a B&B? The job is out there

Your $130,000 dream job running an inn at a bay-area lighthouse awaits

(Gray News) – The San Francisco Bay Area might be known for Silicon Valley and natural beauty, but it’s also notorious for high rent and heavy traffic.

What if, though, you could live in the Bay and get the best of both worlds? A high salary and gorgeous view, free from an agonizing housing search or long commute?

Turns out, there’s a job out there that promises it all. You just have to be really committed to the living in the Bay part.

A lighthouse-turned-bed-and-breakfast on a small island in San Francisco Bay needs new management, starting in April.

The position offers a potential six-figure salary – it depends on how well the business does, but the current innkeepers averaged $130,000 a year – free accommodation and an unobstructed view of the water.

The East Brother Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast put out a release notifying the public of its innkeeper search on New Year’s Day. It said the non-profit corporation that runs the historic B&B is looking for a couple to keep things running.

While it might be something of a dream gig, it’s also serious business. At least one half of a candidate couple must have a Coast Guard commercial boat operator’s license, and duties include cooking, cleaning and generally maintaining a business that doubles as an actual historic landmark.

“They will operate the five-room inn, serving both dinner and breakfast, as well as providing ferry service for guests and all other tasks from chef to maid,” the listing states. “High-quality culinary experience and capability will be a critical qualification.”

According to the listing, the inn operates four days a week while the island itself can also be booked for special events.

If your resume doesn’t quite cut it, a simple visit doesn’t sound so bad.

“A stay at the lighthouse includes champagne & hors d’oeuvres upon arrival, a multi-course dinner with wine and a full gourmet breakfast in the next morning,” according to the inn’s website.

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