Judge halts scheduled weakening of Obamacare’s contraceptive mandate

Trump's birth control effort blocked

(CNN) - An attempt to weaken the Obamacare contraception mandate is halted.

This comes as a result of a decision from a California federal district court judge.

The decision comes one day before the new rules were set to go into effect.

According to reports, the changes to the mandate are part of the Trump administration’s efforts to roll back regulations that conflict with some Americans' religious beliefs.

In his ruling, Judge Haywood Gilliam Jr. said that states "face potentially dire public health and fiscal consequences from the implementation of the final rules."

Under the Obama administration, a limited number of employers could get an exemption.

The Affordable Care Act's mandate required them to provide insurance coverage for contraceptives with no co-pay.

"The law couldn't be clearer. Employers have no business interfering in women's healthcare decisions," said California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, who led the group that brought the lawsuit. "Today's court ruling stops another attempt by the Trump Administration to trample on women's access to basic reproductive care."

This injunction is only for the 13 states that were behind the lawsuit.

Washington D.C. was also part of the coalition.

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