Zebra-like stripes may prevent insect bites, study finds

Zebra-like stripes may prevent insect bites, study finds
Scientists said the animal's stripes make it harder for insects to see them. (Source: Attila Balazs/AP Photos)

(CNN) - A team of researchers from Hungary said that their experiments indicate that having stripes can keep you from being bitten by bugs.

For the study, the scientists coated three plastic mannequins in different colors, some dark, some fair, and some with white stripes.

Then they covered the mannequins in glue and left them in a horsefly-infested meadow in Hungary.

After a month, the researchers counted the number of horseflies stuck to the glue.

They found that the striped models consistently had the fewest horseflies stuck to them.

Researchers said traditional body-paintings of tribespeople in Africa, Australia and Papua New Guinea may serve to deter horseflies and blood-sucking insects common to the region.

The findings were published Wednesday in the Royal Society Open Science Journal.

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