WTVM Editorial 1-18-19: Let men be men

WTVM Editorial 1-18-19: Let men be men

(WTVM) - In this age of identity politics, people get labelled and divided up into specific identity groups: such as liberals and conservatives, gays and straight, black, white, Hispanic or Asian, men and women to name a few.

Identity politics thrive on pigeonholing people who are then supposed to act, or not act, in a certain way, based on the identity of the group they are supposed to belong to.

Now, it is men coming under attack for being…well, men.

A brand new study by the American Psychiatry Association is a clear attack on masculinity.

The main finding of the study is that masculinity and men can be “anti-feminine,” rely too much on achievement, dislike weakness in themselves and others and crave adventure, risk, and sometimes violence.

So, now the American Psychiatry Association is pushing the concept that men need to be “less traditionally masculine” to lead better, fuller, more satisfying lives.

But let’s stop to consider if we really want to push our men to be less traditionally male, when traditional males have always had many admirable and necessary qualities.

Just concentrating on men for a minute, it should be obvious that male strength, a sense of adventure and a certain fearlessness are very desirable traits.

Men with those qualities sat on top of dangerous rockets that blasted them to the moon. Men with abilities to embrace risk, like Lewis and Clark, mapped the unknown western frontier. Strong, achievement oriented men with qualities the APA now think should be devalued, were the kind of men who won decisive victory in two World Wars.

Women were also involved in the success of those adventures. Women can do just about anything, but men should not be diminished in order to make that point.

Decades of political correctness have led some to criticize men, so that the status of women can be elevated, but we need both strong men and strong women.

In fact, men and women have worked well together for centuries to improve our lives and that is what we need now.

We need to celebrate the differences between men and women, not try to make them more alike.

We should recognize that weakening and demoralizing good men is simply unnecessary and wrong.

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