Columbus Water Works gives notice of unpaid bill, payment issues to Ralston Towers owners

Columbus Water Works gives notice of unpaid bill, payment issues to Ralston Towers owners

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Residents at the Ralston Towers woke up to a notice in the front of their housing complex on Friday.

The notice told all residents they may soon be without water due to issues on the property’s Columbus Water Works account.

“It tells me that I better look for another place to live because it sounds like this place is going under,” says Ralston resident Michael Berklite.

Berklite has lived in the Ralston Towers for the past two years. He says he’s run into a number of problems including issues with water and bed bugs. Vic Burchfield with Columbus Water Works says property owners received a 15-day notice for a resolution. Columbus Water Works is now going forward with a 30-day notice to resolve the issues and notify tenants. Burchfield says if the issues aren’t resolved by Feb. 28, water to the Uptown housing facility will be turned off.

“People can’t afford to move. There are too many people in this building. Where are they going to put them at? Since this happened and I get my disability in March, I’m already looking for another place,” says Berklite.

Berklite says the notice from Columbus Water Works has residents scrambling to find out what’s going to happen in the near future.

“There is nothing clean about the water whatsoever. I won’t drink it. I just want them to upgrade. This building is like 104 years old. Just upgrade it,” says Ralston resident Daryl Gibbs.

Columbus Inspections and Codes says their office will get involved if the water is turned off. They say there’s also a pending notice for bedbugs. News Leader 9 reached out to ownership at the Ralston Towers and is awaiting a response.

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