Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Unity Day celebrated in Harris County

Harris County MLK Unity Day

HARRIS COUNTY, GA (WTVM) - Martin Luther King Jr. and his dream for equality is being celebrated all over the country.

In Harris County, the Men’s Club hosted a parade, a program, and a tailgate on Monday. The goal was to get people of all shapes, sizes and colors together to celebrate King’s legacy. About 300 to 400 people showed up for the event, many more than what the Men’s Club expected.

“Today is a day on, not a day off,” said Calvin Kimbrough from the Global Association of Buffalo Soldiers. “Even though it’s a federal holiday.”

Black and white, young and old, the residents of Harris County celebrated King’s legacy by working together toward one goal.

“Our intent is to look for a world where everyone is colorblind,” said Christopher Butzon, a member of the St. Nicholas Episcopal Church.

King is remembered by his quotes and his actions. “We all have a dream," is Rehobeth Baptist Church member Dexter Davis' favorite.

“'One person can make a difference' and I know that was one of Dr. King’s famous quotes was, you know, love not hate." Nancy McCormick from His House Church Hamilton said, "So that’s what we’re standing on today, love not hate. We’re just going to love everybody out here.”

The Men’s Club said they had a specific idea in mind when planning for Monday. “Bring unity to the community,” Kimbrough said.

They usually gather in a church service, but this year the Men’s Club chose to do a tailgate instead. The theme of unity still remained.

“And for us to lose the baggage that we have," Butzon said, "superiority and white privilege is also a part of accomplishing unity. Unity is really what it’s all about.”

Although the day is focused on remembering what King did so many years ago, some said the battle is still ongoing.

“If I could say it without crying," McCormick said, "Dr. King we are still fighting for freedom. Your legacy is being shown today. Thank you. Thank you sir.”

The Men’s Club said they’re so happy the community came out for the 26th year of this event, and the tailgate event will become part of the celebration for years to come.

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