Central High School in Phenix City raises money for state championship rings

Central High School in Phenix City raises money for state championship rings

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) - Championship rings are on the way for the Central High Red Devil football team.

The football players, coaches, cheerleaders, and more are raising money to pay for the once in a lifetime rings that cost $230 each. With over 200 people expecting these rings, that’s a lot of money to raise.

“We felt that as an administration that winning a state championship should not be a burden on the families or the players," said Central High Principal Tommy Vickers. "We wanted to raise money for the state championship rings.”

After an undefeated season with 14 wins, the Red Devils are still riding an adrenaline high after their state championship game in December. After an undefeated season and a 52 to 7 championship victory over Thompson, the team is proud of their accomplishment. Senior quarterback Peter Parrish said they’ve been pushing harder each year in order to make this dream a reality.

“It was crazy," Parrish said. "When we got in the locker room, the whole locker room went crazy. Everybody was singing, dancing, everything like that.”

Fast forward almost two months and the team is anxiously waiting their new rings, according to Vickers.

“One of those happens to be my son, who 's a senior on the football team," Vickers said. “He tells me everyday when is my ring going to get here? So they’re all expecting and excited about it coming. So they know it’s coming, but it’s like Christmas. They can’t wait for it to get here.”

“It’s more than just the football players," Vickers said. "It’s a tremendous amount of faculty and students involved with our program, so for them to have the opportunity to receive something like this that they’ll remember for a lifetime every time they look at it, they’ll be able to show it off. They’ll remember the great experience of this school year and this football season”

With the rings costing over $200 each, the administration said it knew most students and their families couldn’t afford to spend that kind of money.

“I mean we’re just kids in high school that’s been chasing a dream like this for a long time," Parrish said. "We came up short the past two years and we finally got the dream we’ve been chasing. To be able to show it off with the rings that would mean the world to us.”

Fundraising efforts have totaled $30,000 so far, but they need to hit $50,000 in order for every individual involved to receive a ring.

“It’s worth it to give the kids that were so much a part of it what we think they deserve," Vickers said. "So we’re going to get there, there’s no doubt.”

The rings should be delivered in time for the football banquet in February.

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