Runaway boats barrel down Hudson River, set loose by ice

Boats on the loose as ice sends them floating down river

TROY, NY (WTEN/CNN) - Engineers and safety officials worked hard Friday to secure a number of boats and barges in New York, floating down the Hudson River after reportedly being cut loose by large chunks of ice.

Among the four loose boats was a floating restaurant. Spectators gathered to watch in awe as they floated down the river.

One man came to see the boat from where he lives in downtown Troy – where it’s usually moored.

“I figured something like this might happen with all the ice jammed up after this weekend,” he said.

The first was wrangled by a New York State Marine Highway Department tug boat.

The second, the Rusty Anchor restaurant barge, barely cleared a bridge, before it was later corralled by another tug downstream.

Posted by The Rusty Anchor Waterfront Bar and Grill on Thursday, May 3, 2012

And then the third, the Captain JP, a four-deck river cruise liner used for weddings and private parties, struck the bridge moving quickly.

"I got here just when that was hitting the bridge and you could just hear (the scratching). I know the top railing almost got crunched in,” said a witness.

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And as the Captain JP sat idle under the bridge, another loose barge came barreling towards it in a horizontal position.

But the boat was able to do a 180 and clear the bridge with plenty of space.

Still the Captain JP sat, stuck beneath the bridge for hours, even as three separate Amtrak trains made their way across the bridge above it.

At this time, officials do not believe there is any structural damage to any of the bridges or any structures.

The Coast Guard said all the vessels that had drifted down the river were secured by Friday afternoon, the Associated Press reports.

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