Another government shutdown begins to loom as leaders face uphill climb over long-term deal

No deal in sight as another shutdown looms

(CNN) – The immediate relief of last week’s deal to reopen the government is now wearing off, with just two weeks to go until another shutdown and no long-term compromise in sight.

The government runs out of funding again in 17 days, and skepticism about President Donald Trump reaching a deal with Democrats stretches all the way from the White House to Capitol Hill.

A group of lawmakers from both parties has been sent to a conference committee, where they face the tall task of hashing out a border security deal that can not only clear both chambers of Congress, but win Trump’s signature.

"I think we can find bipartisan answers to most of the issues involving border security, but if the president has the last word it may not be enough,” said Sen. Dick Durbin, D-IL, one of the lawmakers on the committee.

The potential dealmakers have until Feb. 15 to reach a compromise.

The White House says Trump isn't looking for another shutdown.

But if there's no agreement, he still could declare a national emergency. He has claimed that move will allow him to divert funds toward the building of the border wall that’s at the center of the shutdown showdown.

"It needs to be fixed and the president is going to do what it takes to address it,” Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said of the border security issue Trump has said the wall will fix.

The move to declare a national emergency, though, would likely face legal challenges.

Meanwhile, the Office of Management and Budget says “most” of the 800,000 employees who returned to work should get paid by the end of the week.

Testifying on Capitol Hill, FBI Director Christopher Wray said his agency is still feeling the impact.

"What's quite clear is that it was incredibly negative and painful for the 37,000 men and women of the FBI and their families,” Wray said.

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