‘He needs to be under a jail’: Mother reacts after family friend charged in killing teen daughter

‘He needs to be under a jail’: Mother reacts after family friend charged in killing daughter

EAST POINT, GA (WSB/CNN) – An Atlanta-area mother is in anguish after her daughter’s body was found in a burning car.

After three weeks, police got the right tips to make an arrest in the case.

The suspect was someone the victim knew well.

Pearlie Haynes recounts how 24-year-old Kington Hyman-Bozeman reacted when she told him her 18-year-old daughter, Tayla Torres, had been murdered.

“He broke down crying,” Haynes said. “Boo hoo crying. Dropped the phone. He was like ‘no, you’re lying, you’re lying.’ ”

Haynes said Hyman-Bozeman was like a member of the family.

Clayton County police have charged Hyman-Bozeman with murdering the Villa Rica High School graduate last month.

Police said Torres was shot in a dispute over money. However, her mother claims Hyman-Bozeman was madly in love with her daughter and was upset she wouldn’t date him.

“After shooting Torres it says that you transported Torres' deceased body to a location in East Point, Georgia,” a judge said in the courtroom.

That's where police say Hyman-Bozeman set her car on fire with the teen inside.

"He needs to be under a jail,” Haynes said. “Does Georgia have the death penalty?"

Georgia does.

Police say they received tips after releasing surveillance video of someone using Torres' debit card at an ATM.

Another tipster said Hyman-Bozeman spoke about Torres' murder and he had burns on his hands.

Haynes still can't believe he called and cried about her daughter's murder.

“Knowing the entire time that he did it. Wow. I mean heartless,” she said.

Another suspect tied to the case has charges pending against him.

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