Proposed bill would clarify GA school bus passing laws

A boy said he had a bad day at school, so he called 911 for homework help.
A boy said he had a bad day at school, so he called 911 for homework help.(Source: Gray News/file (custom credit) | Source: Gray News)
Updated: Feb. 1, 2019 at 10:50 PM EST
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(WALB) - A bill to clarify school bus passing laws in Georgia is making its way through the state’s General Assembly.

Senate Bill 25 has been proposed after a confusing law went into effect in 2018, that said drivers could pass school buses depending on whether they were on a four-lane highway separated by a turn lane.

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State Sen. Tyler Harper (R-Ocilla) said the new bill passed the Senate Public Safety Committee this week.

Harper said the bill clears up all confusion about when it's safe to pass a school bus.

In the current copy of the new bill, if you're driving on the opposite side of the road of a school bus stopped for loading or unloading, and there's a grass, physical or unpaved median or barrier between the two sides of the road, you do not have to stop.

The bill also addresses citations for drivers who break school bus laws on Georgia roads.

Harper said if signed into law, he believes the bill would increase safety for students and clarify the law for both drivers and law enforcement.

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