Troup County featured in Kia Superbowl commercial

Troup County featured in Kia Superbowl commercial

WEST POINT, GA (WTVM) - If you were watching the Superbowl on Sunday you might’ve seem a few familiar sights featured in the newest Kia Telluride commercial.

The commercial featured sights from around the small Georgia town of West point. It included shots of local stores, sites, peoples, and even West Point High school. Watch Below:

The ad is entitled “Give it Everything” and shows the new 2020 Kia Telluride.

Kia in partnership with Spinach films went on to make a short background documentary about the town. It shows West Point’s unique history, economic struggles, and recent revitalization from Kia’s influence.

This version features special interviews with town locals including city council leader Bill Gladden and Mayor Steve Tramell.

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