Fourth suspect in Columbus Pizza Hut murder makes court appearance

Fourth suspect in Columbus Pizza Hut murder makes court appearance

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - 27-year-old Johnathon Swift has made his court appearance in connection with the murder and armed robbery after the shooting death of a Columbus rapper Branden Denson.

“There’s no physical evidence, there’s no camera footage, there’s no surveillance footage, there’s no finger print evidence, there’s no weapons recovered,” said defense attorney Michael Eddings.

According to Columbus Police, Swift is one of four suspects in the April 2018 shooting death.

Police say a black Kia was seen on surveillance video where three or four persons got out of the car and committed the shooting.

Police believe Swift was the driver, but his defense attorney Michael Eddings says they have no proof.

“He’s not seen on surveillance footage as being inside of a vehicle that particular day and so that’s what we were able to get out of court that he is not found on surveillance video at all,” said Eddings.

Testimony reveals one of Swift’s co-defendants allegedly gave police his cell phone number and police were able to GPS track his phone to the Pizza Hut scene.

“Those statements from those individuals suggest they had phone communication with him so the police think they have a phone record of this particular client but there’s no identification of the phone,” said Eddings.

The now four suspects' motive was allegedly stealing sixteen pounds of marijuana and cash from the Columbus rapper.

No bond was set today in Recorder’s Court; the judge says because of the nature of the crime he will let Superior Court decide his bond.

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