Traces of asbestos found in Columbus Government Center flooring

Traces of asbestos found in Columbus Government Center flooring

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Less than a week after plans were announced by the City of Columbus to propose renovation options, traces of asbestos has been found on multiple floors of the Columbus Government Center.

The asbestos was found under carpeting in adhesive used on original building tile from 1972 by a contractor.

“It’s part of the sticky adhesive, it’s a black, very gummy substance the asbestos is in,” said Pam Hodge, deputy city manager of Columbus.

The tests revealed the sticky substance has around four percent asbestos and is not airborne.

Hodge said it poses no health risks.

“This is not an airborne type. We took air samples before and after and they have both come out normal, before and after the abatement process,” said Hodge.

The asbestos is believed to be confined to floors 3, 4, 7,8, 9, 10 and 11.

Removal has already been completed on the 10th floor, a popular courtroom, and the 4th floor, that houses Muscogee County Sheriff’s office, is next in line.

Specialists are being called to perform the abatement and removal work, described as a tedious task.

“They put water down to keep it from becoming airborne, they remove the mastic, and then there is a concrete layer that is applied over the floor,” said Hodge.

Insurance is covering the full cost which estimated to be at around $330,000.

The work will be performed on weekends over the next six weeks.

Officials hope to be complete with full removal by end of March.

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