Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Year: Finalist Treasure Jones

Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Year: Finalist Treasure Jones

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - As the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Chattahoochee Valley prepares to name its Youth of the Year this week, one of the eight impressive finalists for the local organization’s highest honor is Treasure Jones.

Jones hopes to be on stage and on iTunes one day, with her original rapping.

“C-c-c-catch me in the hood with some killers, they die for Christ, we rap for life."

Jones wrote that song and many others, showing off her skills at the teen center in Columbus.

“I like music. I like recording, rapping. I just like talking to the staff, they’re like my friends,” said Jones.

The Spencer High School sophomore has been attending Boys and Girls Clubs since she was four years old. She says the supportive staff and new friends have really changed her mindset.

"It helps me with my attitude, because I had a real bad attitude before I started attending,” Jones said.

Boys and Girls Blub bus driver, Wanda Johnson, says Jones has an energetic personality that’s contagious.

"When you come into the room, she’s very inviting. It's never a hey, it's always a hug with whatever she does. She's just so bubbly, I love her!” Johnson said, with a big smile on her face.

Being named a Youth of the Year finalist had Jones smiling even more. She stays busy at the Boys and Girls Club - in the computer lab, art room, also doing music and mentoring younger kids - everything from their homework to personal problems.

“Everybody calls on me and asks for advice. I’m just a helping hand,” Jones said.

"She's very smart, and when it comes to her thinking, she never gives up,” Johnson added.

And Jones wants to be famous one day, as an entertainer. When interviewed, she delivered one rap, with these lyrics to close it out:

“Holy Spirit got me out there switching lanes, you’re in trouble if you die without a clue, the enemy wants to destroy before you figure out the....truth.”

Jones said music means so much to her. So do these clubs she comes to after school, where she hopes to do something big - like win Youth of the Year: “Boys & Girls Clubs means a lot to me. It has changed my whole entire life, because I could have been out doing other things, but I chose to be here, doing something great for myself and my family,” said Jones.

This high school sophomore said, her mom calls her a “Treasure” - hence her name. She said her unique, special qualities would make her a great Youth of the Year.

The Boys and Girls Club of the Chattahoochee Valley will hold their annual Youth of the Year event this Thursday night, February 7.

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