Toddler hit, killed by vehicle in TX parking lot; driver left scene

Toddler hit, killed by vehicle in TX parking lot; driver left scene
Jorge Neri, 3, was hit by a truck and killed in a parking lot. He was with his grandparents and three siblings. The driver drove away from the scene.

IRVING, TX (KTVT/CNN) - Dallas Police have recovered the black pickup they say was driven by a man who struck and killed a 3-year-old boy in a parking lot and kept going on Saturday.

Police said the truck was found Monday night.

A man who saw 3-year-old Jorge Neri get hit in the parking lot chased down the truck and got the license plate.

That’s what lead to a big break in the case - the discovery of the truck and several signs its owner is hiding from police.

Neighbors on Sunday noticed the unfamiliar truck parked at the curb.

“We saw the truck there, but we didn’t pay no mind to it,” Andy Garcia said.

Then, Monday night, they saw the news. Grieving her son, Yvette Aguayo asked for help finding suspect Ramon Garcia-Ruiz, the man police believe hit and killed Jorge.

“He left he left my baby there to die,” Aguayo said.

The picture of the type of truck police said Ramon Garcia Ruiz was driving caught Andy Garcia’s attention.

“I look at it and I look closer. And I’m like, ‘Wait a minute. It’s a truck, like the one I saw.’ And I was like, maybe that’s the one, and I’m like, ‘Naw, that can’t be it. That can’t be the truck,’" he said.

Garcia did not call police, but one of his neighbors did.

Police said the truck’s rear license plate was missing. It also looked like it’d recently been washed, and its location was midway between the accident scene and Garcia- Ruiz’s home.

Casey Clark. a Dallas Police detective, said he’s still looking for Garcia-Ruiz to hear his side of the story. He’s promised Jorge’s family he won’t give up searching.

Three of Jorge’s siblings witnessed the crash in the parking lot as they left this restaurant with their grandparents.

“You can only imagine what the children are going through. It’s heartbreaking. I’m a dad. It’s every parent’s worst nightmare,” Clark said.

The family is making funeral preparations.

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