Baltimore high school staffer shot while confronting gunman on campus

Baltimore high school staffer shot while confronting gunman

BALTIMORE (WBAL/CNN) - A staff member is in serious but stable condition, after being shot at a high school in Baltimore Friday afternoon.

He confronted an armed man who came to Frederick Douglas High School looking for him, sources told WBAL.

The suspect is now in custody.

The 56-year-old victim was taken out of the school by stretcher and rushed to a hospital.

Police presence at the scene was heavy but there was no active shooter situation.

"An individual, 25 years old, entered the school, never penetrated the school but got to the front door, the front vestibule of the school, and was confronted by a staff member who is the victim,” said Col. Byron Conaway, of Baltimore City Police. “As they encountered each other, at that point the suspect shot our victim."

Students were later dismissed, floor by floor.

Sources say the suspect had a specific motive and target. His relative - a student - had a prior encounter with the victim.

School police officers arrested the suspect immediately after the shooting.

“(For) my officers it was a fight. To quote one of my officers, ‘I thought I had to shoot him,’ ” said Sgt. Clyde Boatright, union president of Baltimore City School Police Force.

Boatwright said the shooting makes their case that school officers should be armed.

The school board just voted that down.

“How does that 10-0 vote look now?” Boatright said. “When you had an unarmed police officer inside the school who thankfully had his supervisors with him at a conference when they heard gunshots inside the building and they were able to quickly fight a suspect who was actively shooting in a Baltimore City school.”

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