South Columbus neighbors concerned about abandoned mobile home park becoming an "eyesore”

South Columbus neighbors concerned about abandoned mobile home park becoming an "eyesore”

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - People living across the street from a mobile home park are voicing their concerns of increased and illegal dumping happening at Grand Oaks Estates off Old Cusseta Road.

Neighbors say the park has been closed for months, but that is not stopping people from trashing the site.

“This is a disgrace. The place needs tearing down and cleaning up,” said Melvin Johnson who lives in the area.

The seemingly forgotten area is described as breeding ground for trash, homeless, criminal activity and stray animals, as the buildings are left to decay. The site being called an eyesore by many, and neighbors say nothing is being done to fix the problem.

“It’s an eyesore and these are some semi-nice apartments and for people looking to rent here, they don’t want to for what’s across the street,” said Veronica Carnes, who lives in the area.

Some neighbors say they have gone to city officials about the issue.

Columbus Inspections and Codes officials say they are aware of what has been happening in the area.

The director over the office, John Hudgison, says the department is currently working on adding funding, and creating a budget to clear out the area.

For now, they say they will work to barricade the areas to make sure no more illegal dumping continues to happen.

Melvin Johnson who has lived across the street for four months says he’s tired of looking at the mess, and is hoping something will be done soon.

“This makes no sense, they need to clean this place up,” said Johnson.

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