TSA’s Top 10 checkpoint finds of 2018: From a snake to Freddy K

Agents found all these things at security checkpoints

Top 10 most unusual TSA checkpoint finds of 2018

(Gray News) – Give the folks at the Transportation Security Administration some credit.

They have a sense of humor.

Or at least their social media person does.

The TSA is out with a video of the Top 10 most unusual checkpoint finds of 2018.

Here’s the list, but make sure to watch the video, too. The captions are hilarious.

10. Hatchet

9. Speargun

8. Switchblade

7. Live snake in a bag inside a computer

6. Large kitchen knife stashed inside a baby carrier

5. Ridiculously fake bomb strapped to clock radio

4. Grenades painted in tuxedos

3. Insanely large scissors

2. Inert mortar round

1. Freddy Krueger glove

What will 2019 bring?

Let’s hope no one watches “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

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