Chattahoochee Co. grandmother starts clothing bank to remember her granddaughter

Chattahoochee Co. grandmother starts clothing bank to remember her granddaughter

CHATTAHOOCHEE COUNTY, GA (WTVM) - A Chattahoochee County woman started a non-profit in her granddaughter’s name after she passed away from a rare disease at a young age.

Shirley Jones’s granddaughter Latavia Moore loved fashion and loved to shop.

Jones adopted Latavia from foster care at the age of eight, but by the age of ten she was diagnosed with a rare disease leaving her bound to a wheelchair.

“Metachromatic leukodystrophy and its where all her body just went to deteriorating,” said Jones.

Doctors told Latavia’s grandparents she would only live to be 13 or 14 years old, but reached further than that, living to be 17 years old.

To remember and honor her granddaughter, Jones started Latavia’s Closet.

She started with just one rack of clothes, but when people began noticing what Jones was doing, donations began pouring in left and right.

Jones says she knows Latavia would be thrilled at the success of the closet with her love for fashion.

“We would always have to take her out in the wheelchair just to walk around into the store and just pull up certain clothes and she couldn’t talk sometimes she would just nod her head the smile would tell you because she smiled all the time," recalled Jones. "Sometimes, I didn’t know if she was sick.”

Latavia’s Closet is housed at Family Connection in Chattahoochee County where anyone in need can come in and shop.

They have a wide variety of clothing, from adult and children’s clothes to shoes and accessories, but all of it is in Latavia’s name.

“She always had this smile all the way up until the end and that’s what this closet represents for me and when I see these people come in and they get clothes and when they smile it reminds me of her," said Jones.

When all the clothes are donated Jones washes and irons every piece before hanging them on the rack.

They also work with local schools to provide clothes to students in need.

“She was so sweet, and we miss her but we have this closet going on and I’m so proud of that,” said Wesley Jones, Latavia’s grandfather.

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