Columbus expected to become larger attraction for visitors as new businesses come to Uptown

Columbus expected to become larger attraction for visitors as new businesses come to Uptown

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Uptown Columbus has gained popularity and grown vastly over the past 10 years.

Community leaders said with new businesses coming in, they expect Uptown Columbus to become a bigger attraction for visitors.

Two new hotels and residential properties are expected to bring more people and more attention to the area. Uptown Columbus Incorporated said they can’t wait to see what these new companies bring to the community.

“What started as one block, the 1000 block, we see retail and restaurants starting to go north and south and east and west," said Rebecca Zajac, with Uptown Columbus, Inc.

Uptown Columbus is seeing major growth.

Brian Anderson, the president of Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce said, “That’s a move nationally. People want a good downtown. Young people, old people, couples, we all want a place to go where we can congregate, have fellowship, have dinner, and uptown is a great place to meet people.”

Two new hotels and a residential complex are joining the Uptown scene. Uptown Columbus Inc. said this is a game changer for the area.

“With 200 plus residential units that we know are going to be at capacity in a few months, you have to think about the foot traffic that’s going to bring to the downtown. With more foot traffic, you’re going to see a lot of these businesses either grow and expand or the ones with vacant store fronts are going to be filled," Zajac said.

The new hotels will also bring opportunities for conventions to be held in Columbus.

“People want to be here if they’re visiting Columbus," Anderson said. "They want to visit Columbus with conventions. We can’t house or have rooms for the size conventions we want, so we think over these couple years we’ll become a real viable convention destination.”

The only issue with more people is less parking.

“If I can’t park right where I’m at, there’s a problem," Anderson said.

“Yes, we have more people down here which is the sign of a great growing downtown and because of that, you can no longer park at 7p.m. on Friday in front of your favorite restaurant. That is a good problem to have.”

If you want to come Uptown and are worried about finding parking, Zajac said there is a free parking garage at 919 Broadway with over 800 spaces available. If you’re worried about safety she said cameras and lights are installed.

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