Many without power as power crews work to assess storm damage in Columbus

Many without power as power crews work to assess storm damage in Columbus

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Power crews have a busy night ahead of them after storms swept through Columbus on Tuesday.

A number of people have been without power and some are picking up the pieces after a tree fell on their home.

“None of our family was here. No one was hurt. The dogs were inside, they were a little bit scared but other than that, everybody’s safe and everybody’s good to go,” said Columbus resident Randy Richau.

He said he was just coming home from work. His wife was out with her parents when he got a call from his neighbors.

“They said that a storm had blown through. A bunch of trees were down and that this one [a tree] had fallen on our house,” Richau explained.

The tree damaged the roof of the home and knocked out the power to parts of the area. It’s one of many trees and even parts of buildings that were damaged throughout the area.

“We’ve had somewhere between 85e and 100 calls,” said Patt Biegler, director of Columbus Public Works.

She said they’ve been dispatching damage assessment crews to different areas throughout the city.

“There’s been quite a bit of damage out there,” Biegler explained.

Georgia Power is also handling fallen power lines and outages throughout the city.

“People get impatient and they need to get through, but I would say to everybody, please don’t dig out your chainsaw. Leave that to the professionals. People could be badly hurt or killed,” said Biegler.

As for Richau, he said he’s only lived in his home since August 2018 and thinks it will take a while before everything is repaired.

“We’re going to have to replace half the roof on the garage. We’ll probably get the tree out by Wednesday and patch the holes over the kitchen. It will probably take a couple week,” said Richau.

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