Chattahoochee Co. Schools increases security measures

Chattahoochee Co. Schools increases security measures

CUSSETA, GA (WTVM) - The Chattahoochee County School superintendent said it puts students’ safety above everything else. In fact, it has its own police department dedicated solely to the school district.

David McCurry, superintendent of the school district, said it is important to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to student safety.

“Mainly with the number of school shootings that have happened, we’re just trying to be extra vigilant," he said. “And in the event that something does happen, we’re prepared.”

One way they’re upping safety in the school district is with extra security precautions.

The schools have special exterior doors and interior magnetic doors that only office staff can open from the inside. There’s bulletproof glass at the front office, dozens of cameras throughout the schools, and domed mirrors on the ceilings to increase visibility."

There are also officers at each school.

“Anytime the students are here, we are here," David Bucher, the Chief of Police for the Chattahoochee School District, said.

The officers at the school do everything from patrolling the hallways to interacting with students to conducting drills.

“We conduct three to four drills a year,” Bucher said. “We want to see how the students react. We want to see how the staff members react. Then, I can look at that and say, ‘Okay, as the Chief, I need to make adjustments to our plan.’”

He said they’re always trying to make improvements on safety and security.

“You can never do enough," Bucher said. "These are my kids. I got 900 kids in the district. They’re all mine”

He said other school districts have looked to the Chattahoochee County Schools as a model for how to update their own safety plans and even how to create their own school police departments.

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