Columbus moms appear on Steve Harvey after heartwarming bond over daughter’s hair goes viral

Columbus moms appear on Steve Harvey after heartwarming bond over daughter’s hair goes viral

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Two mothers from the Chattahoochee Valley have gotten national attention after a Facebook post over proper hair care landed them a spot on Steve Harvey’s television show.

Columbus residents Stephanie Hollifield and her husband became foster parents to now 2-year-old Haley when she was just seven weeks old. However, as Haley has got older, Stephanie struggled to tame and style her hair.

She says that she had tried every recommendation and everything she could think of, but each morning was still a difficult process for both mother and daughter.

Stephanie said “The voices of all the women who had taken their time to tell me the importance of taking care of my daughter’s hair rang in my ears.”

So, in November, Stephanie reached out to Facebook for tips anyone could give her.

A sympathetic mother, Monica Hunter, who had never met Stephanie or Haley, reached out and offered to come to the Hollifield’s home for a lesson.

Hunter gave Stephanie her best advice, headbands, combs and hair products to walk her through how to style her daughter’s hair, asking for nothing in return.

The two have since struck up a close friendship. Stephanie says the two now go out on double dates with their husbands and organize play dates with their children.

Stephanie says “In our country, where everything seems so divisive, her quiet act of kindness spoke loudly to people from all walks of life.”

The story went viral online sand the pair was even recently invited to the Steve Harvey television show to talk about the heartwarming tale. Take a look:

Stephanie on STEVE HARVEY!

1. I was a nervous mess. 2. Haley was a sassy mess. 3. I forgot I had a husband. 😂❤️

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