WTVM Editorial 2-19-19: Youth of the Year Awards

WTVM Editorial 2-19-19: Youth of the Year Awards

(WTVM) - This year and each year, WTVM News Leader 9 had the privilege and honor of helping sponsor the Youth of the Year Award ceremonies for the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Chattahoochee Valley.

Sponsoring, and even covering, an event like this is easy for a local TV station. In fact, it’s too easy. We wanted to give you something more, we wanted to tell each teenager’s story because we believe these young people are important because they are true role models.

This year eight outstanding teenagers, two boys and six girls competed for this honor by being leaders at their clubs and stars at their schools. They deserved to be featured on the news and showcased as another positive example of how good character, integrity, and having defined goals are the building blocks of a successful life.

This year, as in years past, we produced in-depth profiles of each of the candidates for Youth of the Year.

We were also pleased to produce features about key supporters of the clubs, like this year’s Boys and Girls Clubs Hall of Fame inductee, Judge Joey Loudermilk.

When the Boys and Girls Clubs announced this year’s Youth of the Year was Diamond Williams, we were there, live streaming the entire event, then covering it in all our various newscasts.

It’s so important for us to support the grassroots efforts of the Local Boys and Girls Clubs. The clubs definitely make a difference and they make that difference early enough in a child’s life so that those children and teens can rise up to meet big expectations, experience success and know what that feels like. It’s an important motivator!

Congratulations to winner Diamond Williams and all the other Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Year nominees – you all achieved something special.

You went “above and beyond” to elevate yourselves and your individual chances for success. You all know success is possible because you’ve done it.

Thanks to the Boys and Girls Clubs, you’re finding out that working harder than others, being humble, and being goal-oriented is exactly what it takes to make you a success for the rest of your life.

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