Lee County, AL votes to renew special property taxes for 3 school districts

Lee County, AL votes to renew special property taxes for 3 school districts

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Around 4,000 voters in Lee County, Alabama cast their vote Tuesday on whether or not to renew education taxes for three school districts: Opelika City Schools, Auburn City Schools and Lee County Schools.

All of the property taxes were voted to be renewed. Lee County election officials said it’s a significant decision in the funding for schools across East Alabama.

“The school board elected to place these taxes on one ballot at this time to have the voters decide ‘yes or no’ in a single vote,” said Lee County Election Manager, Robert Garris.

The vote is to make a decision on whether or not to renew special property taxes for local schools and the Lee County Youth Development Center. On the ballot was a $1 million and $4 million County Wide Special Tax to be divided between the three school districts, a $1.5 million Juvenile Law Enforcement Special Tax, and a $3 million District 2 tax to benefit Auburn City Schools.

“It’s significant because this is how schools fund their programs. We have the two city school systems and our county wide school system,” explained Garris.

All three superintendents were present to see the results: Mac Mccoy with Lee County Schools, Auburn City Schools Superintendent Karen Delano and Opelika City Schools Superintendent Mark Neighbors.

“This local money fills the holes in for the state. The stake is the foundation budget which is the bare minimum,” said Opelika School Superintendent, Mark Neighbors.

Garris said because of the way the taxes are collected, they’re renewable on an estimated 30-year basis.

All of the special taxes were passed with a drastic advantage for those in favor of the special taxes.

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