Federal grand jury indicts man accused of walking into NC school with guns and hit list

Man indicted for walking into school with guns, hit list

GREENSBORO, NC (WXII/CNN) – A federal grand jury in North Carolina has indicted a man who allegedly showed up at a school with a list of people he wanted to kill.

Police say Steve Spence was armed when he came to the high school in Greensboro, but officials stopped him.

Back in December, Greensboro Police say 29-year-old Spence drove from Virginia to Smith High School in a stolen Mercedes.

Court documents say Spence made it all the way to the cafeteria with two loaded guns, muttering he came to kill two people, with whom police say he had a personal relationship.

The court documents said Spence also ordered people to bring two of his intended victims to him.

Thankfully, he was taken down by a school resource officer and no one was hurt.

Police said Spence had written directions of his intentions to kill a total of five people.

On Tuesday, U.S. attorney Matt Martin announced three federal charges against Spence, including crossing state lines in a stolen car, crossing state lines with intent to “kill, injure, harass and intimidate,” and brandishing firearms.

Martin, standing with Greensboro Police Chief Wayne Scott, spoke on what the charges mean going forward.

"I want there to be no doubt from this indictment that we will not tolerate people crossing state lines to hunt down former intimate partners,” Martin said. “We will prosecute crimes of that nature to the fullest extent of the law."

Spence could serve up to 27 years in federal prison if convicted of all the charges.

He’s being held at the Guilford County Detention Center, and he’s under the supervision of federal marshals.

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