Local organizations warn about severe weather season coming up

Local organizations warn about severe weather season coming up

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Georgia Power and Columbus Public Works now have their eye to the sky to keep you safe during an upcoming season of dangerous weather conditions.

Columbus Public Works says says it’s common for people to throw junk and household items into sewage draining systems, but that this can dangerous and leads to flooding. They say they’ve found many household items in manholes.

“I have pulled out an entire bedroom set out of an inlet. I don’t know how they got it in there, but it was the manhole with the inlet,” says Director of Public Works Pat Biegler.

Biegler says that excessive litter and leaves can also lead to dangerous roadway conditions.

"You don’t want either of those to get clogged up with leaves. It’s actually against the law to dump leaves in the draining system,” Biegler explains.

Since it’s officially March, she says this is when surprise storms tend to show up most, leading to clogged pipes and storm damage.

“I mean it is a rainy and windy month and sometimes that wind and rain can reach the point where it does damage especially when you get them both together because when the ground is soft a little wind can take out a really big tree,” says Biegler.

The National Weather Service says for the year of 2018, Georgia had around 21 tornadoes and more than 100 tornadoes across the state in 2017. They say this is the time to be ready for those possible changing weather conditions. Georgia power on Friday sent an alert on Friday to encourage readiness as the spring weather season arrives.

“Georgia is a very unique state where we could have severe winter weather, hurricanes, and tornadoes. We get a little bit of everything, which is why it’s so important for our Georgia Power customers and Georgia residents to prepare before a storm hits,” says Meredith Stone with Georgia Power.

They say it’s best to be prepared with emergency gear but also doing everything to prevent more dangerous conditions such as downed trees and powerlines.

”If you see it please report it to 311 so we can take care of it instead of waiting until we have a really bad storm and we start getting flooding or dangerous conditions,” says Biegler.

They say you should also check trees around your home and get emergency tools before the storm season.

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