‘Who made them? A witch?’: 5-year-old calls police to protect others from ‘Momo Challenge’

5-year-old calls police to protect others from ‘Momo Challenge’

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KOAT/CNN) - You’ve probably heard of the “Momo Challenge," the unnerving image of a woman with bulging eyes and a creepy smile popping up on YouTube telling children to harm themselves.

It is all a hoax, but the thought is enough to scare children.

It scared one 5-year-old New Mexico boy to the point where he called police to report the scary woman.

“I just close my eyes and was thinking that the ‘Momo Challenge’ was right there,” said Giovanni Pedroza after calling 911.

"Then who made them? Who made them? A witch?” Pedroza asked the dispatcher, Natalie Gurule.

“No, just someone that was mean,” the dispatcher responded.

“We talked to him about the challenge, so if he sees her to come talk to us,” one of his parents said.

The call continued.

“Because I don’t want the ‘Momo’ to come here,” the boy said to Gurule.

“It’s not real,” Gurule told him on the call. "And if anybody asks you to do anything like that you always tell your mom and dad.”

“Are you going to find her?” Giovanni asked.

"Yes,” Gurule responded. "We're going to find out who did it, okay? But that picture that you see, that's not real. It's just pretend."

The two also met in person later. Gurule showed Giovanni around the police department.

The little boy now understands.

“The ‘Momo Challenge’ is not real,” Giovanni said.

When asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, Giovanni said “ a police.”

He has a badge and patches to go with that.

Police even gave him a flashlight and teddy bear to protect him from danger.

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