High school students disciplined for pro-Trump views, parent says

High school students disciplined for pro-Trump views, parent says
The school’s principal said students caused a disruption. One parent disagrees. (Source: KPHO/CNN)

GILBERT, AZ (KPHO/CNN) - A high school principal says politics played no part in disciplining students who displayed pro-Trump materials at school.

In an email to parents Saturday, Dan Serrano, principal at Perry High School, said the students were disruptive and stirred up a scene.

But the mother of one of the students said that’s false.

"They were just taking simple pictures,” said Jennifer Farris. “They weren't disrupting anything or causing any kind of disruptions.”

Serrano saw another version to this.

The principal insisted disruption is exactly what caused the controversy.

He said a group of students caused a disruption at lunchtime and then stirred up more trouble after school.

For what it’s worth, no students were actually identified in the email but parents like Farris say it only involved teens who support President Donald Trump.

“They wouldn’t have ever said anything to those students if it would have been Obama and they would have been supporting Obama. If it would’ve been President Bush it wouldn’t have been an issue,” she said.

Serrano said that only one student is facing disciplinary action and that it has nothing to do with politics.

But Farris insists all pro-Trump students were targeted and all of them were accused of wrongdoing including her daughter.

"For the school to come out and say that the same group of kids that was disruptive at lunch is now being disruptive after school is completely false," she said.

Perry High School’s principal did not give details about why the student is facing trouble.

That student will learn of their punishment Monday.

The situation prompted some students to boycott a school dance.

Some students said they plan to protest administrators Monday.

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