Waverly Hall family credits steel-constructed home for saving their lives during tornado

Waverly Hall family credits steel constructed home for saving their lives

WAVERLY HALL, GA (WTVM) - A Waverly Hall couple is crediting the material of their home for saving their lives.

While other neighbors were left devastated following the tornado Sunday afternoon, their steel constructed home was pretty much untouched.

“We just purchased this house 12 days before the tornado,” said Sonia Diamond.

Diamond said the home with log siding was reportedly built to withstand up to 170 mph winds.

The estimated wind peaks in their area is believed to be between 135 and 140 miles per hour.

Diamond said she didn’t know the possibility of it’s strength would be put to the test so soon.

“When I first walked outside, I just screamed," Diamond said. "I thought of my experience with Hurricane Hugo again. I saw trees literally cut in half, and had no idea what else to expect walking out further.”

Nearly everything else was damaged including the family’s garage, barns and both vehicles.

In fact, nearly every home on the same street sustained significant damage.

One home is unlivable.

The Diamond family reached out to other neighbors to lend much needed support.

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