North Columbus residents say ‘it’s a miracle’ no one was hurt after storm damages homes

North Columbus residents say ‘it’s a miracle’ no one was hurt after storm damages homes

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Residents in a North Columbus community are now left having to rebuild.

When driving, you can see trees that were uprooted and fell onto the homes of residents on Whitesville Road and Biggers Road.

“It just wows me, because I use to ride four wheelers on all the property out there and now there’s nothing there,” said a former resident who wants to remain anonymous.

He grew up in a house on this road and said one of his family members was in their shop near their shed when he heard the storm pass through. His shop was untouched, but his shed next to it was completely damaged. His home was also damaged when a tree fell through the roof.

“He would have died. No doubt about it. His chair sits literally right in front of the window. That limb would’ve gone straight down, and the ceiling would’ve fell on top of him,” said the former resident.

Ever since the storm, the homeowner has to sleep in his mobile home until enough repairs are done. Across the street, residents were burning trees and branches after more than 70 trees fell in their area. The homeowner said his father was outside in the middle of the storm.

“When the doors all flew open, we left the stairwell and tried to find my dad who was stuck in his chair on the back porch. Luckily there was a brick wall in front of him. Nothing hit him, but all the furniture blew from one side to the other side,” said homeowner Jeff Oravic.

Five cars were in the driveway, but none of them were damaged. They said it’s surprising that their flag wasn’t blown away, but the storm bent the pole. These residents said just like the flag, they’re bent, not broken.

“God is alive, and I couldn’t top it off any better than that,” said Oravic.

It’s still unknown how long it will take for the area to be restored.

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