“An outpouring of support” - Volunteers, local leaders help in Talbotton recovery

“An outpouring of support” - Volunteers, local leaders help in Talbotton recovery

TALBOTTON, GA (WTVM) -Almost a week after a series a devastating tornadoes, the Chattahoochee Valley has seen an overwhelming amount of support. People from all over the nation are sending donations and offering their help to victims in the hardest hit areas as they begin to recover.

Local leaders and good Samaritans gathered as volunteer efforts were especially underway in Talbotton today. The community is banding together and rallying around each other and helping pick up debris up and get houses back together.

Anne Wills has lived in Talbotton for 50 years. She was at home Sunday when the tornado came through.

“The TV said take cover now, and we did," Wills said, "my husband grabbed my hand and we ran in the hall. We heard things and it was trees falling on the house.”

Almost a week later, dozens of volunteers surround her home picking up what the tornado tore down.

“This is our community," volunteer Molly Rudd said, "and we’ve got to help.”

Another Talbotton resident, Molly Rudd, lives 10 miles away from Wills, but has known her for her entire life. Shen she saw the destruction, “I watched the drone footage and the pictures and just cried.”

Wills’ son John said volunteering after a disaster like this should be common sense.

“You know if you can get away from the politics and everything like that, at the end of the day we’re people trying to help other people. Doesn’t matter if you’re a democrat, republication or independent, It’s about your neighbor that’s there beside you and that means more than anything," John Wills said. "You know how if this person needs some food or clothes and that’s just southern living, that’s how we do it here in the south.”

Many local and state officials have joined in the recovery efforts. Congressman Sanford Bishop even made an appearance in Talbotton. He spoke about the disastrous tornadoes and the ongoing recovery efforts.

“This is the worst that nature could bring us but, at the same time, the outpouring of support that we have seen and that we are experiencing is the greatest that human nature could bring. People have come together in numbers that are just heartwarming so we’re just so grateful for that.”

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