Animal shelters in Lee County working to save lost pets

Animal shelters in Lee County working to save lost pets

LEE COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - For many people, pets are part of the family.

After the storms and tornadoes in the Chattahoochee Valley, some pet owners and their furry friends were separated. People are trying to get out to damaged areas to rescue lost pets, but right now, the noise and confusion of the recovery process is scaring the animals out in destruction zones.

Woof Ave Rescue has gone out to impacted areas several times to bring food out to animals lost because of the storm. The rescue’s manager said they have already seen one family reunion.

“I brought him down for her to see and then he immediately like, you could just tell he was so excited," said Cierra Sansoucie, Woof Ave’s manager. "His tail was going crazy. He ended up peeing all over her feet, like he was so excited to see a person he knew.”

Sansoucie said pets are like family. When something as terrible as these tornadoes happens, people cling to their pets.

“So I know that the people that came out of the hospital and had five alive rabbits," said Sansoucie. “Like you may have nothing, but you have something there to like comfort you. That’s an amazing feeling.”

Woof Ave is partnering with the Lee County Humane Society to do as much as they can for these animals and their families.

“HSUS Humane Society United States Emergency Response Team reached out to us," said Mary Wynne Kling, with the Lee County Humane Society. “Theoffered to help through their rescue networks to help us get some of our animals in our shelters and available for adoption.”

The Lee County Humane Society is extending their stray hold period, waiving fees to claim strays, and they’re taking in animals from outside their normal jurisdiction to try to reunite families.

Woof Ave doesn’t take in strays as a rescue, but they do work with the humane society to take in animals the shelter can no longer keep.

“Now if that were the case and someone came and was like I have no where to put my dog, I lost my house, or anything like that, we would figure it out and what’s going to be done.," Sansoucie said. "We want to help in any way, shape ,or form we can.”

For those still looking for ways to help after the tornadoes, the Lee County Humane Society said they are in dire need of Purina puppy chow, dog food, and cat food.

They are also accepting monetary donations to go toward families who didn’t lose their pets, but can’t afford to replace broken fences or buy food.

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