Lee Co. EMA says people should have multiple ways to receive weather alerts

Lee Co. EMA says people should have multiple ways to receive weather alerts

BEAUREGARD, AL (WTVM) -Warning sirens are spread throughout Lee County, but some residents in Beauregard, where last week’s tornado hit the hardest, said they didn’t hear any sirens.

There is a siren across from Beauregard High School, and one near Sanford Middle School, among others.

Those close to the siren near Beauregard High sayid they heard the siren loud and clear.

Frances Duncan has lived in her house on County Road 51 since 1969. She was inside her house during the deadly tornado that hit Lee County 10 days ago. She said before the tornado hit, she got multiple notifications on her phone.

“My phone kept going off and kept going off," Duncan said.

She said she also heard the sirens, loud and clear.

“I don’t know how many times it went off, but it went off," she said. "Oh it’s loud, real loud.”

But some who are right beside some of the worst of the tornado’s destruction said they didn’t hear any sirens at all.

“We heard no sirens," said Timesha Buchanon, who lives on Lee County Road 51. "We got the alert after it passed through. I was on the phone with my boyfriend and his mom said there was a tornado heading toward Beauregard and you need to take cover.”

Quanetta Johnson lives off of Lee Coounty Road 51. She said she didn’t hear any sirens either.

“I didn’t hear any sirens here," she said. “I actually got a notification alert on my phone, but I didn’t know and that’s how I knew. But I did not know the devastation and how severe it was going to be.”

Lee County EMA director, Kathrine Carson, said people shouldn’t depend solely on these sirens.

“They’re old technology," Carson said. "They were built for the Cold War to warn people of air raids. They are out in the elements. They are subject to lightening strikes all the time.”

Carson said it’s best to have multiple forms of notifications, such as weather radios, phone alerts from the national weather service, and the Lee County Alert subscriptions, to ensure you’re getting as much up-to-date information as possible.

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