News Leader 9 hosts Weather Radio Wednesday for Lee County residents after tornado disaster

News Leader 9 hosts Weather Radio Wednesday for Lee County residents after tornado disaster
Weather Radios

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Spring is officially a week away, which means severe weather season is on its way as well, so people are gearing up to stay prepared.

As severe weather season starts up, it is important to have more than one way to get an alert for weather watches or warnings.

Storm Team 9 hosted a special Weather Radio Wednesday for Lee County at Academy Sports in Auburn.

“We really encourage citizens not to rely on outdoor warning sirens," said Rita Smith with Lee County EMA, “to spend the thirty, thirty-five dollars once you’ve bought your batteries and get you a NOAA all hazards weather radio.”

Officials say you should think of it like a smoke detector in your home, but for weather. At first, it sits in your house quiet until a watch or warning comes out.

“This will wake you up this will get your attention, and this will give you the opportunity to use the plan that you already have in place for you and your family and go to your safer location,” said Smith.

People from across the Chattahoochee Valley lined up to have their weather radios programmed for their specific counties.

Residents from some of the hardest hit areas, like Beauregard and Smiths Station, say they now feel safer knowing they have a reliable warning after experiencing such devastation.

“My husband I had talked about it but never got around to it and after that I decided that it would be a great thing to have,” said Beauregard resident Jean Randolph.

“We knew it was coming to us, but the power went out and after that you’re lost I mean there’s just no way to find out what’s going on,” said Smiths Station resident Steve Young.

“When [Chief Meteorologist] Derek [Kinkade] said super cell and the police scanner went off, we knew we had to get a weather radio, so we came today to get a weather radio because we want to be safe.” said Smiths Station resident Terri Young.

It is recommended to keep your weather radio plugged up so you keep the life of batteries to get you through the severe weather.

If you missed out today, do not worry Storm Team 9 will host these weather radio Wednesdays all throughout the season. Find out where they will be next here!

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