“She touched so many lives," family remembers tornado victim Vicki Braswell

“She touched so many lives," family remembers tornado victim Vicki Braswell

BEAUREGARD, AL (WTVM) - Three nieces of Vicki Braswell, a victim of the deadly tornado that hit Beauregard on Mar. 3, remember her as supportive and encouraging.

“She was there for anybody," Skyla Hudson said. "She helped everybody. She always seen the good in everybody.”

Braswell moved to Beauregard about two years ago and had recently retired from Chattahoochee Valley Community College. She spent her time with the ones she loved, like her four children, six grandchildren and multiple nieces and nephews.

Braswell is described as was outgoing and active, and her nieces said she made everything fun.

Terri Way, one of her nieces, will always remember one specific day they spent together.

“Going to Wild Adventure with her," Way said. "Being able to ride all the rides with her and the water rides.”

Her nieces said throughout her life, Braswell made it her goal to help everyone she could, even going so far as to paying off a student’s tuition who went to the college where she worked.

“She touched so many lives, you know,” Hudson said.

They all had their favorite activities they did with her.

“We would go to McDonald’s and get Frappes together all the time," Way said. "We would go on Frappe dates.”

“We would all go swimming together and be a family together," Hudson said.

Her nieces said she was outgoing and kind, caring and loving.

They said her positivity emanated throughout every aspect of her life.

“Her smile, her laugh," Way said. "The way even in a bad situation, she was able to make a good situation out of it.”

They said Braswell always knew how to encourage those she loved.

“Even on my worst days, all I had to do was call her," Way said. "And she’d be like ‘okay I’m going to get you.’ And we would just go and have our little date and feel better.”

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