Father of 6-year-old tornado victim arrested after altercation with Police

Father of 6-year-old tornado victim arrested after altercation with Police

BEAUREGARD, AL (WTVM) - The father of the youngest tornado victim, 6-year-old AJ Hernandez, was arrested Friday after trying to return to what was left of his home in Lee County.

“Well it makes me feel horrible first of all,” says Charles Griffin.

Griffin says it was supposed to be a quick trip home. "We were going to pick up some donations from one of my wife’s friends. Everything was destroyed,” Griffin explains.

But he was arrested before he was able to make it home.

“It was in regard to an issue over the identification of an individual having access to the area. We had an outside agency involved and I think there was confusion, miscommunication what have you,” says Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones.

“We just don’t have any way to show that we lived there. Everything we had with both of our vehicles were destroyed. Everything we got new doesn’t show the address that we don’t have anymore,” says Griffin.

“A situation escalated and unfortunately it ended up in an arrest,” Sheriff Jones continued.

Griffin says he was followed by an officer before he was allegedly slammed to the ground.

“The lieutenant showed up. I was on the way to talk to the lieutenant and someone grabbed my arm and I jerked my arm away. When I did that, I ended up in front of Officer Little and that’s when he took me to the ground, got on top of me and wouldn’t let me move,” says Griffin.

"One of the issues is we want to protect them and insure that persons that are coming in the area are people who should be coming in there. Unfortunately, mistakes are made sometimes,” explained Sheriff Jones.

Griffin is facing charges of disorderly conduct and assault. Griffin will be in court on April 3rd at 11 a.m.

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