Memphis man says he was brutally beaten by security guard in case of mistaken identity

Memphis man says he was brutally beaten by security guard in case of mistaken identity

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A Memphis man says it was a case of mistaken identity that led to him being brutally beaten and struck in the head with a gun by a security guard.

Lee Mhoon is still in pain days after he says he was attacked.

"It throbs a little bit or if I touch it or play with it, it hurt. If I mess with it, it hurt," said Mhoon.

Mhoon says he got a flat tire around 1 a.m. Friday on Brooks Road. He and his girlfriend pulled into a parking lot and were waiting for a tire changing service when a car pulled behind them.

A man, dressed like security, asked them what they were doing. When Mhoon told him, he says the man didn’t believe him and went back to his car and grabbed a gun.

"We're sitting in the car, she screams out 'run run run!' We hit the gas," said Mhoon.

Mhoon's car didn't make it far down Brooks Road before the flat tire brought them to a stop.

"We stopped the car, we get out and we run," said Mhoon

Mhoon says he tried to flag down a truck driver for help when he was grabbed.

“Another guy comes and hits me with a gun, hit me about two, three times and I fall. So by the time I’m up here falling, they’re stomping and kicking, I’m really trying to plead for my life,” said Mhoon.

Mhoon took a photo in the hospital with a deep cut on his head. He says the cut needed 16 stitches to get fixed up.

At the scene, police arrested 30-year-old Samuel Davis with aggravated assault.

"They were all the way in the wrong," said Mhoon.

Mhoon said he learned Davis is a security guard at the Street Hogs biker club on Brooks Road.

He said Davis and other security guards were looking for a man who fired shots in the club that night and mistook Mhoon for that person.

Davis told police he thought Mhoon shot at him.

Mhoon says he and his girlfriend didn't go to Hogs that night and were never on their property.

"Me and my girl, we were trying to mind our own business," said Mhoon.

Street Hogs was closed Sunday. The number listed online for the club is not in service.

Mhoon wants other people who hit him that night charged.

"I feel they just as guilty as he is," said Mhoon.

Mhoon says he plans to file a lawsuit.

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