Georgia House Bill 481 could ban abortions after 6 weeks

((Source: WTVM))
Updated: Mar. 19, 2019 at 6:39 PM EDT
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GEORGIA (WTVM) - A bill in the Georgia legislature could keep women from getting an abortion after they’ve been pregnant for six weeks.

House Bill 481, also known as the Heart Beat Bill, is moving toward a full Senate vote. This bill, if passed, would reduce the time frame in which women could choose to get an abortion from 20 weeks to 6 weeks.

The Heart Beat Bill passed through the Georgia House of Representatives nearly two weeks ago, and is moving toward a full Senate vote. It would ban women from getting an abortion once doctors can hear a heartbeat.

“Good. I think that’s the way it should be honestly, because once you hear a heartbeat that’s alive, it’s a living person," Breanna Weems said.

“So what do you say to people that did not know that they were actually pregnant? Had no understanding or knowledge of it," Querida Holliday said.

There are exceptions included within House Bill 481. Women could get abortions after a heart beat is formed in cases of rape or incest if a police report was filed at the time of the incident, or if the baby is endangering the life of the mother.

“I don’t think the government should be involved. This is a human right," Holliday said. "They didn’t have a say so on when we were born, they don’t have a say so when we die. They shouldn’t have a say so with what we do with our bodies. Period.”

“I think it’s actually an excellent idea," Weems said. "They give you the option up to rape, incest to go forward with abortion. I myself do not 110 percent agree with it, but if that’s your choice, then that’s your choice. I believe you should have a choice, but it’s a really good decision.”

Columbus representatives Carolyn Hugley and Calvin Smyre voted against the bill, while Richard Smith is in favor of it. Governor Brian Kemp tweeted about the bill yesterday.

Governor Brian Kemp is expected to sign the bill if it passes the Senate. Another interesting fact is the bill would also allow parents to claim unborn fetuses as dependents on their taxes, and include them in state population counts in the census.

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