COURT: Columbus woman charged in the death of 7-year-old boy to transition into group home

COURT: Columbus woman charged in the death of 7-year-old boy to transition into group home

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - More than three years after stealing a car and causing several accidents, one of which killed a young boy, Kathryn Adams was back in court Thursday.

The defense asked the court to consider moving Adams from a involuntary hold at West Central Georgia Regional Hospital to a less restricted facility.

Although the state and the victim’s family asked Judge Gil McBride to not go forward with the defense’s request, ultimately the court did allow Adams to move forward and start the transition into a group home.

In December 2015, Adams stole a car and caused several car accidents in Columbus. One of those accidents resulted in the death of seven-year-old Ayden Kitchens of Phenix City.

Charges against Adams during her trial included vehicular homicide and murder, among others. Adams’ lawyer, Susan Henderson, said her client was having a psychotic episode when the crimes occurred. The court determined in 2017, Adams was not guilty by reason of insanity.

A forensic psychologist said Adams has made “phenomenal” progress.

Several members of Adams medical team testified in court, recommending she be allowed to move out of the hospital into a less restrictive but more supervised facility in Macon.

“She understands what delusions are, she understands how the medication helps her, not just ‘this doctor told me I need to take this medication.' She truly understands how it helps her, what it does for her, and that’s a significant improvement that we’re seeing,” one team member said.

The facility in Macon would be an all female, locked-down facility. The main difference between the community integration home and the hospital is inpatient versus outpatient care.

Although Ayden’s mother asked the court to deny this recommendation, McBride said, “the evidence points me in one direction and that is out of the current treatment facility and into the next level of care that would be indicated by Ms. Adams’ present diagnosis.”

Adams’ team said the transition from West Central Georgia Regional Hospital into a group home takes some time but they are hoping to start the process soon.

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