Man found guilty of killing Columbus cab driver in 2016 sentenced to life

Man found guilty of killing Columbus cab driver in 2016 sentenced to life

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A man found who was found guilty of killing a Columbus cab driver in 2016 has now been sentenced to life behind bars.

Durden was sentenced to life with the possibility of parole for the charge of felony murder. He also received ten years for the charge of armed robbery and five years for possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

“There’s nothing about this case that ends in a good manner,” said Adam Deaver, Durden’s Defense Attorney.

In October of 2016, authorities responded to a scene on Farr Rd. where they found a Columbus Cab driver named Dewayne Chronister suffering from a fatal gunshot wound.

Investigators say Chronister responded to a pickup call where Durden and another suspect, Dontavis Screws, got into the van and asked to changed their drop off location to Parkwood Mobile Home Park on Farr Road. After pulling into the drop off location, the two suspects allegedly shot Chronister and took his wallet- getting away with less than one hundred dollars.

Deaver says he still believes his client was not the one who pulled the trigger and is instead pointing fingers at Screws, who is already behind bars for the incident. He says Durden’s life sentence was too harsh of a punishment.

“It’s pretty clear who the shooter was in this case. I understand felony murder still applies so I understand the judge’s sentencing of the case, but it does make me feel like a little bit of injustice has been done if you’ve got a man who’s been sentenced to life with parole while the possible shooter gets 20 years for voluntary manslaughter,” said Deaver.

However, Judge McBride wasn’t budging when it came down to a life sentence.

He pointed out the crime was senseless and that way Durden and screws planned and organized the crime left Chronister with no chance that day.

Deaver has already filed a motion for another trial that is set to be heard on August 22nd.

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