Leaders gather for CSG luncheon, to discuss future of Columbus

Leaders gather for CSG luncheon, to discuss future of Columbus

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - On Monday, local leaders including the mayor, city council members and many local business owners all gathered together for the Coalition for Sound Growth Annual Luncheon.

The event is an opportunity for community members to plan for and discuss the future of Columbus. This year’s focus was growth for the city, specifically in south Columbus.

Columbus Mayor Skip Henderson said that this can only work if the community is working together and collaborating. He says don’t expect the government to do this alone- they are going to need the help from everyone who lives in the city to make it better.

Luncheon attendees also discussed water quality, what to do with empty buildings in Columbus, and how to prepare for the future of the city.

“We got a number of things that we are trying to get in place, specifically relating to south Columbus. We think there is some growth that’s taking place up and down the 2nd Ave corridor, opportunities in Midtown, got opportunities in the Liberty District. It really a great time to be talking about the great development plan for this community,” said Henderson.

According to their website, the Coalition for Sound Growth (CSG) is an alliance local of individuals, businesses, and organizations dedicated to improving quality of life in Columbus. They say their aim is to foster the community’s long-term economic growth, enhanced sense of place, and environmental health.

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