Mumps outbreak strikes Temple University

More than 100 are sick

Mumps outbreak sickens over 100 people at Temple University

PHILADELPHIA (KYW/CNN) - Officials at Temple university are coping with a mumps outbreak.

Dozens of people are believed to have contracted the disease, so health authorities are taking steps to fight it.

City health officials said as of Tuesday afternoon, there are 105 cases - 18 confirmed and 87 “probable” based on symptoms.

All of the current mumps cases have some connection to Temple University.

“You can imagine that social activities that university students typically do like partygoing and those kinds of things are modes of transmission for mumps virus, and so we that’s what we think has been responsible for much of the transmission that we’ve been seeing,” said Dr. Steve Alles of Philadelphia Health Department.

“I think we have a handle on it, but as Dr. Alles said, we’re probably going to see another wave coming,” said Marky Denys, student health director at Temple University.

The numbers have gradually increased over the last month.

More than 100 mumps cases reported at Temple U

Mass vaccination clinics are set for Wednesday and Friday on campus. Health officials said close to 1,000 people have already received booster shots.

“We are trying to encourage folks to come out. We’re trying to target some of the more high risk groups, trying to get folks from the residence halls here, student athletes, just trying to target as many students as we can to come on in and get the vaccination,” Denys said.

Thousands of students signed an online petition asking officials to temporarily close the university amid the outbreak.

Temple students have largely gone about their educations unaffected by the illness but well aware of the stories circulating far beyond campus about the situation.

Goodwill Agbaadem, a student, said he’s current with his shots.

“Yeah I’m good. I told my friends, too, you got to go out and get it done," he said. "Yeah. They better, 'cause I’m not going to be hanging around with them if they, you know.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that mumps, which used to be a prevalent childhood disease, is showing renewed vigor in the 21th century, with increases in cases and outbreaks since 2006.

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