Your new job opportunity: $18,000 for 2 months in bed

And it’s all for science

New NASA concept: Artificial gravity turbolift

(Gray News) – NASA and the European Space Agency are paying people more than $18,000 for a couple of months of work to study the effects of weightlessness on the human body.

Sound like your dream job?

That’s exactly the idea. You’d be spending 60 days in the sack for the Artificial Gravity Bed Rest Study (AGBRESA).

Scientists have long known that lying in bed mimics some of the changes our bodies experience in the weightlessness in space.

“The results of the study will help scientists develop more effective countermeasures or preventive measures so that astronauts on the space station do not have to spend most of their day doing sports,” according to the German Aerospace Center, where the study will take place.

Currently astronauts on the International Space Station do several hours of exercises a day to fight off the negative results of living in nearly weightless conditions, which tend to breakdown muscles and bones.

The folks who get the job will be guinea pigs of sorts.

“A number of different experiments will be carried out over the course of the study, looking at cardiovascular function, balance and muscle strength, metabolism and cognitive performance among other factors,” the European Space Agency said.

But it’s not all bed rest. Still, you’ll be lying down even when you’re not in bed.

For 30 minutes a day, study participants will be put in a short-arm centrifuge that slowly spins them to force blood to the extremities. Blood tends to stay in the core of body during weightlessness.

The spinning simulates gravity.

If the centrifuge shows benefits, it could be used on extended space travel in the future.

Still ready for two months of bed rest? You can contact the German Aerospace Center here.

Who knows? It could launch a whole new career.

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