Threat of wildfires growing in Alabama

AFC warns against possible wildfires

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Due to weather conditions, the threat of wildfires is growing in Alabama.

The Alabama Forestry Commission was called out to a fire in the Mount Olive community Thursday afternoon. It was contained, but it has been a busy week for the firefighters.

“Between Friday morning and Sunday night, we had 134 fires statewide. Burned about 1,900 acres,” Coleen Vansant with the Alabama Forestry Commission said.

Vansant said it’s just that time of year where a wildfire can break out, especially if people are burning away debris which has gathered over the winter.

“We are urging the public to pay attention to what you are doing. Have all the tools available. Garden hose long enough if you are burning something,” Vansant said.

Also, clear out an area for burning if you must do so and never leave a fire unattended.

In 2016 during a drought, the Forestry Commission was pressed with numerous reports of wildfires. They had 232 members to combat wildfire then - now the commission only has about 210.

Weather conditions will remain a problem for a while. “Weather, temperatures last week, we haven’t had rain for a while. Humidity dropped down into the twenties. Dew points into the teens. Created the perfect atmosphere for wildfire,” Vansant said.

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